Healthy & Delicious Meals for your organization

23 ZIP is a social enterprise that has prepared & delivered over 200,000 meals. THE source for fresh, delicious, culturally diverse, and healthy food for hungry humans and the food insecure.

Looking for scalable healthy meal delivery?

Read the Case Study of Riverside County and how the Zip chefs at 23 ZIP Inc have helped to provide over 350,000 healthy meals to food insecure populations within the county.

23 ZIP, Inc provides affordable, healthy, and delicious meals to organizations and communities across the US. Are you a city government currently providing meal assistance to 5,000 residents per day? 23 ZIP can help! Have a company with employees who are hungry working from home since they miss the office canteen? Looking to build a custom healthy meal program to meet specific dietary requirements of your community such as gluten free, low protein, vegan, or keto… 23 ZIP can help!

We will work with your organization to develop a delicious custom meal plan that meets your organization’s budget and needs in your area. And we will coordinate to have meals delivered to a central drop-off point or to individual homes. We also focus on fresh and healthy meals, so you will have peace of mind that your organization will both love the taste and feel great!

We have already delivered over 350,000 meals to happy customers and we can’t wait to help your organization!

Staff Meals Delivery

Want to provide delicious and healthy meals for your staff delivered to your office or their homes? We can help!

City Meal Assistance

Are you a city government who provides meal assistance to residents facing food insecurity or addressing local health conditions in your community? We can help!

Health Programs

Do you run a health program with your members and want to provide custom healthy meals? We can help!

Contact 23 ZIP Inc.

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