Government Contracts

2000+ served per day
200,000+ healthy meals made in 2021
… and counting!

Riverside County

Zip23 wowed Riverside County California with in 2020-21 with fresh, healthy cost-effective meals delivered right to vulnerable and food insecure members of its community.

Get tasty, fresh, affordable ZIP23 meals for your project:

A story of success

23ZIP worked with Riverside County, California officials to design a custom meal plan to meet the county’s budget and the needs of the local vulnerable population.

Then a local team for cooking and logistics was set-up in Riverside County.

Over 200,000 meals in 10 months were then scheduled, cooked, and delivered – creating happy customers out of government officials and meal-recipients alike.

Healthy Custom Meals

Our professional chefs and health experts plan and design dishes that are nutritionally balanced and fresh.

Fast Bulk Delivery

Based on Riverside County’s delivery needs, 23ZIP has delivered up to 2,000 meals a day over the last year. To this day, 23ZIP continues to deliver meals to food insecure residences in Riverside County.